Special event: When science and art collide

Australian Science Communicators invite you to join a panel discussion on the relationship between art and science this Wednesday August 23 at the Ecosciences Precinct in South East Queensland.

Science and art collide in the strangest of places
Jonathan Knowles / Getty Images

Art and science often find themselves side by side. From the satisfying geometric symmetry of some molecules to giant landscapes etched into the sea floor, art and beauty can be found in the strangest of places. In celebration of National Science Week, Australian Science Communicators are holding a special event to discuss how and where art and science collide.

The evening will begin with drinks and canapés as attendees explore the sixth annual Art Meets Science exhibition at the Ecosciences Precinct. There will be a discussion to follow with a panel of leading artists and scientists, headed up by keynote speaker Dr Graham Baker, President of the Queensland Academy of Arts.

This unmissable event is being held on Wednesday August 23rd at the Ecosciences Precinct in South East Queensland. Visit the Australian Science Communicators website for more information, or to reserve your seat.

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