Lolcatz, Santa and Death by Dog


Cosmos contributor Andrew Masterson has a new book on the way. Beside being our favourite book title this year, Lolcatz, Santa, and Death by Dog is a collection of the curiosities of science and tech research.

“He discovers attempts to clone dogs, mammoths and John Lennon; explores the biology of Wookies; traces how the Arab Spring was actually started by internet cats; and investigates the deep history of food fads,” publisher Ebury Press says.

The book also includes interviews with some of the giants in the field, including cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson, string theorist Brian Greene, Bill Nye “the science guy”, science comedian Robin Ince, and America's most wanted man, Edward Snowden.

Masterson recently launched a Facebook page called Lolcatz, Santa and Death by Dog, which he hopes to build in the long-term as a repository of curious science and tech stories “for the passing amusement of whoever cares to look”.

You can find it here

Apart from Cosmos, Masterson writes frequently on science, technology and popular culture for publications including The Age and Sydney Morning

Herald, as well as contributing to science documentaries made by Emmy Award-winning Melbourne company, Genepool Productions.

He has also had several novels published, of which two have won the Ned Kelly Award for crime fiction. You can see his collection of work published in Cosmos here.

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