Female scientists only in new Tokyo cafe

A picture from the RKJcafe Facebook page as it prepares to open, catering exclusively for female scientists.

A new cafe will open in Tokyo next week catering exclusively for women science graduates and schoolgirls girls studying science.

This restaurant called RKJcafe was conceived by the Knowledge Hands,an employment support company based in Tokyo. Normally girls form only 10 - 30% of all the students studying science, so females have a hard time finding fellow female science students to discuss and interact about various scientific concepts.

The staff will also be female science students, wearing white lab coats as they serve drinks in beakers and test tubes.

Thanks to Lady Scientists of Tumblr for pointing it out.

  1. http://scientific-women.tumblr.com/post/123932210265/a-cafe-in-tokyo-exclusively-for-girls-majoring-in
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