A new way to crowdfund your science project

A screen grab from Experiment.com, a new crowdfunding platform for researchers.

If you've got a great science experiment you want to perform but can't access the regular funding channels, there's a new crowdfunding platform that might just be the answer.

Experiment.com, which has just moved out of its beta phase, was set up by Cindy Wu, who, as an undergraduate student at the University of Washington found she couldn't get funding for a research idea through any of the usual channels. As Wu tells Forbes magazine.

'Cindy, the system doesn’t fund people like you,' my professor said. 'It only funds tenured professors.'

Even while in beta Experiment funded more than 80 projects in diverse topics ranging from cancer research to marine biology, to the tune of $600,000 from over 5,000 individuals. Experiment takes a 5% fee on fully-funded projects.

And Wu is not short of ambition

It is difficult to think that Experiment.com will be bring in more money than the $30bn National Institute of Health IH budget. My response is just watch us.

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