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In issue 91, we gaze into deep geological time to understand Earth’s turning points and what it means for our future.

  • In the field of astronomy, Rick Lovett explains the amazing data being generated from the amazing Gaia space telescope
  • Elizabeth Finkel delves into the new generation of archaeologists hunting for new hominin species inside our own DNA
  • Paul Biegler reports from the frontier of mind-to-mind communication: from telepathic tetris-playing to military funding [read excerpt here]
  • Lauren Fuge explores geological time and what it can tell us about the birth of life and our future [read excerpt here]
  • Paul Jackson explains why particle physicists are in a spin about the Theory of Everything
  • Amanda Yeo goes to new heights to understand how mass drone displays work [read excerpt here]

All this plus the latest from Mars, the chemistry of soap, Indigenous stories of our planets, mathematician breaks down Ferris Bueller’s timeline, amazing nature photography, the science of chronological dating and when you’ll be able to buy a flying car.

The striking depiction of deep time on the cover was created by world-renowned graphic designer, illustrator and artist Noma Bar.

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