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Buy Cosmos Print Magazine: Reasons to Hope (Sept 2023)



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Cosmos digs deeper in its quarterly print magazine with exclusive stories not available for free on this site. Get your hands on the latest copy, Reasons to Hope.  


  • SAVE $5: Australian residents can buy the latest print magazine for $12 (including postage). 
  • SAVE $4: The digital version of the print magazine is on sale to all readers for $4.99. It is perfect for international readers on their tablets, laptops and desktops.  

(NOTE: International readers can purchase the print magazine but we are unable to offer a discount due to the high cost of postage. Select your country to find the price.)

In this issue, we report on the amazing science helping to cure, conserve, and create solutions for the years and decades to come. We revisit Cosmos’ own fearless science predictions from almost 20 years ago, as well as delivering bold forecasts on what we should be expecting next.

  • Meet the chemists transforming their field into something clean, green and planet-saving
  • Learn about the cutting-edge researchers fighting back against antibiotic resistance
  • Cosmos future predictions: what did we get right? What was wrong? And what comes next?
  • Discover how the syntheverse will harness AI’s potential to improve our lives
  • Visit the charismatic mountain pygmy possum and read about its surprising relationships and possible path to resilience.

All this plus pictures, puzzles, poison potential and more.

Cosmos: explore your universe with us.

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