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What does the future hold, and how clearly can science see ahead? Issue 102 looks back to look forward.
  • Meet the astrophysicists using a galaxy-sized telescope – made up of dead stars – to find a background ‘hum’ of gravitational waves.
  • Delve into the fascinating origins of the complex climate models predicting our future on this planet.
  • Visit the World Vegetable Center Genebank to meet the delightfully quirky hunters and gatherers of the planet’s edible plants.
  • Peer into the future of treating eye disease, where the race is on between bionic eyes and gene therapy.
  • Hike to a geologist’s favourite place and learn to read the Earth’s deep history in the rocks.
  • Meet the researchers – young and seasoned alike – feeling chewed up by the system, and learn what Australian science is losing because of it.
  • Make an appointment with the AI doctor to see how artificial intelligence is revolutionising breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Page through a dictionary of weather to understand the new words being coined to explain our changing weather.
All this, plus surfing physics, planetary questions unpacked, the magic of metamorphosis, our curiosity corner for young and young at heart, puzzles and more.

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