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Australian raptors start fires to flush out prey

twigs to set new blazes. John Pickrell reports. 

Australian Aboriginal lore is replete with references to birds carrying fire, and some traditi...

Tags: Birds, bushfires
Author: John Pickrell

The diplomat

Peter Piot co-discovered the Ebola virus and was the first to make governments sit up and take notice of the unfolding AIDS epidemic.

…that under the former Pope (John Paul II), UNAIDS negotiated…

Tags: aids, virus, epidemic, Ebola, Science Profiles
Author: John Pickrell

Australia’s Jurassic Park leaves lasting impressions

in the name of progress. John pickrell explains.

Tags: Jurassic, dinosaurs
Author: John Pickrell

Return of the living thylacine

it back from the dead. John Pickrell explains what comes next

On the islands of the D...

Tags: Thylacine, DNA
Author: John Pickrell

Laser scan reveals spectacular hidden details of dinosaur fossil

160 million years ago. John Pickrell reports.

Tags: feathered dinosaurs, fossils, lasers, palaeontology
Author: John Pickrell

Newly named Australian dino was turkey-sized and tough

in the past few years. John Pickrell reports.

An agile, beaked dinosaur that lived on the edge of the Antarctic Circle and may have feasted ...

Tags: dinosaurs, fossils
Author: John Pickrell

Revealing the baby thylacine

carnivore looked like. John Pickrell reports.

…quolls or Tasmanian devils. John Hutchinson, a professor of evolutionary…

Tags: Thylacine, DNA
Author: John Pickrell

Dinosaur foot reconstruction fuels Cretaceous footprint debate

some tracks of their own. John Pickrell reports.

Tags: dinosaurs, fossils, dinosaur footprints, Australovenator
Author: John Pickrell

Puzzling ‘missing link’ dinosaur was early plant eater

Scientists claim Chilesaurus fills gaps in our understanding of early herbivores.

Tags: dinosaurs, herbivores
Author: John Pickrell

The great dinosaur fossil hoax

but how many are real? By John Pickrell.

National Geographic’s senior editor Christopher Sloan had...

Tags: dinosaurs, feathered dinosaurs, archaeology, fossils, Fossil
Author: John Pickrell

How Chinese fossils are rewriting the history of feathered dinosaurs

scratching their heads, John Pickrell reports. 

Since 1996, nearly 50 new feathered dinosaur species have emerged from the fossil field...

Tags: dinosaurs, feathered dinosaurs, fossils, flight
Author: John Pickrell

Dino-duck discovery astonishes palaeontologists

New dinosaur fossil from Mongolia reveals weird mix of features with the bill of a duck, neck of a swan and swimming adaptations of a penguin.

A stunning fossil – swiped from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert by poachers, but later acquired by scie...

Tags: fossils, dinosaurs
Author: John Pickrell

Review: Weird Dinosaurs

A new book brings to life the thrill of the hunt for fossils, writes Amy Middleton.

…NON-FICTION Weird Dinosaurs by John Pickrell NewSouth Publishing (2016)…

Tags: book review, dinosaurs
Author: Amy Middleton

Book: Flying dinosaurs

…Flying DinosaursJohn Pickrell, Newsouth (2014), RRP $41.99If…

Tags: dinosaurs, feathered dinosaurs, non-fiction
Author: Bill Condie

Newly discovered dinosaur a 'fluffy feathered poodle from hell'

…an emu or a big chicken."John Pickrell, author of Flying Dinosaurs…

Author: Bill Condie

Latest oviraptosaur had cassowary-like crested skull

The newly discovered feathered dinosaur may have used its fancy skull for regulating heat or impressing potential mates

…evolved. Science writer John Pickrell, who has closely followed…

Tags: feathered dinosaurs
Author: Tim Wallace
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