Three-minute thesis: Healthy ageing


Shrestha Ghosh, University of Hong Kong

PhD title

SIRT6 Activities in DNA Damage Repair and Premature Ageing


“Mammalian sirtuin (SIRT6) is a critical factor involved in ageing and DNA damage repair amongst others. However, the underlying mechanisms of the upstream and downstream regulation of SIRT6 remain largely unclear. In my study, I identified the nuclear lamin A as a novel endogenous activator of SIRT6. Also, I observed the critical roles of SIRT6-P53 axis in the regulation of ageing and longevity. Additionally, I identified a novel post-translational modification of SIRT6 with implications in DNA damage response. These studies unveil various regulatory roles of SIRT6 which can have significant implications in devising therapeutic strategies to combat age-associated pathologies.”

The finals of the 2017 Asia-Pacific Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition, which challenges PhD students to communicate their research in a snappy three-minute presentation, were held on the 29 September at the University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus. Competitors came from 55 Universities from across Australia, New Zealand and North and South-East Asia. 

The presentations were judged by distinguished figures in Australian science including Cosmos editor-in-chief Elizabeth Finkel.

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