The real scientist who inspired Guardians of the Galaxy writer

Marvel's latest superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy might never have been made if it weren't for the famous physicist Richard Feynman, according to Wired.

An interview with the movie's screenwriter Nicole Perlman reveals it was Feynman who first inspired her to start writing.

He was my childhood crush object. I had printed out pictures of Feynman from the Caltech website when I was in high school. When my friends had pictures of Keanu Reeves on their wall, I had pictures of a dead physicist.

When Perlman was 16 her father gave her a biography of the scientist.

I loved the way that he could explain these incredible mysteries about the universe; there was something about the way in which he made it seem like you could explain this to anybody in the world, you just needed the right communicator. “That was what seemed miraculous about it. These amazing, lofty ideas, weren’t walled off from not-particularly-brilliant high school students like myself. It was inspiring.

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