Science for Science Fiction's Sake: Melbourne’s inaugural writers’ conference

The Royal Society of Victoria is trying to introduce a little rigour into science fiction with a course aimed at writers who are new to the game, writes Sarah Condie

The Science for Science Fiction Conference is being held in Melbourne on Sunday September 10, 2017
The Royal Society of Victoria

Through a partnership with Aurealis, the Royal Society of Victoria are running a conference called Science for Science Fiction. Backed by the Emerging Writer’s Festival, the event is designed to explore the relationship between hard science and the fantasy worlds of science fiction novels.

The program features presentations from some of Melbourne’s top authors, editors, publishers and scientists to help current and aspiring authors hone their craft. From scientific principles in genetics to the science of cloning and the nature of time, keynote speakers will aim to dispel common misunderstandings and build a foundation of solid science for writers.

There will also be an opportunity for writers to brush up on their sales skills, with publishers and other industry professionals on hand to give tips and advice on how to refine their pitches.

The RSV hopes this will be the first of many similar conferences. It is due to be held in Melbourne on Sunday 10 September, 2017. You can find more information and reserve your seat here

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