The science behind man’s best friend: the domestic dog.

Name another species more universally beloved than the domestic dog. I’ll wait… Didn’t think so.

Across the globe, where you find us – Homo sapiens – you won’t have to look far before finding the domestic dog – Canis lupus familiaris.

On this episode of Huh? Science Explained, Cosmos journalist Imma Perfetto barks on about the science behind our precious puppy dogs.

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, these paw-some pups come in a dizzying range of shapes, colours, sizes, and temperaments. But where did they come from? And how did we arrive at the breeds of today?

They’re not only our faithful companions, but some pooches also have their own professions – from sniffer dogs, to search and rescue, and medical-alert assistance dogs. It’s all made possible due to their incredible sense of smell, but what exactly makes their noses so powerful?

On the other hand, their eyesight can leave a little to be desired – did you know that they’re colourblind? For them the world is a mix of yellow and blue!

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