Germany tops energy efficiency league


The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has come up with a second edition of its International Energy Efficiency Scorecard (PDF), analysing the world’s 16 largest economies to see which use the least energy to achieve the same or better results.

Germany came out on top with a score of 65 out of 100, also winning in the industry category, followed by Italy on 64 points, which topped efficiency in transportation.

The ACEEE praised China, which was ranked fourth, for the rapid improvement in its energy efficiency, in contrast to the United States, ranked 13th, and Australia, 10th. The organisation highlighted the economic burden the poor performance creates.

The United States, long considered an innovative and competitive world leader, has progressed slowly and has made limited progress since the last International Scorecard in 2012.
In contrast,countries including Germany, Japan, and China are surging ahead. Countries that use energy more efficiently use fewer resources to achieve the same goals, thus reducing costs, preserving valuable natural resources, and gaining a competitive edge over other countries. In the United States, a great deal of resources are wasted, and costs have been allowed to remain unnecessarily high.

Australia, which abolished its carbon tax, was in the bottom of the pack with 56 points. While it did well in terms of energy efficiency in the construction and manufacturing sectors, it performed worst of all the countries in terms of efficiency in transportation.

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