• How do you get your hearts to beat together? Tell a great story

    The pace of a story can synchronise listener’s hearts

    The performance may be breathtaking. A plot twist can make your heart leap! So it’s probably to be expected that thos...

    Behaviour September 15, 2021
  • Trolls really are just angry souls

    Study reveals that those spewing online hate are just as hostile offline.

    Words don’t come easy. But anger does. Research suggests it’s not the anonymity of the internet that excites hostilit...

    Behaviour August 31, 2021
  • More “meat-free Mondays” needed to sustain future populations

    UNSW professor warns current consumption cannot continue if we want to reduce world hunger and sa...

    The global food system could be pushed to breaking point within 20 years unless we drastically alter our consumption,...

    Behaviour August 17, 2021
  • A new reality for those living with pain

    Virtual reality technology is showing great promise for the management of pain.

    Virtual reality (VR) is one of the next hot tickets in pain treatment. A lot of hope has been built into research on ...

    Behaviour August 13, 2021
  • How well can we model the path out of lockdowns?

    New work from the Doherty Institute points to a life free of COVID restrictions. Will it work?

    The path out of major lockdowns in Australia looked a little clearer last week, with the federal government announcin...

    Behaviour August 9, 2021
  • Under the (social) influence

    Behavioural change comes from the periphery of society – not from influencers.

    The modern-day influence economy would have us believe that the best way to sell a product – or an idea – is to have ...

    Behaviour July 20, 2021
  • Hermann Rorschach spills the ink

    What do you see when you look at this image?

    Splash red wine on a white tablecloth and, along with receiving a scolding, you might also be invited to partake in a...

    Behaviour July 18, 2021
  • Can I shed a virus after I get a vaccine?

    No – but sometimes misinformation is born from truth.

    Concerns about shedding coronavirus when out and about have been prevalent over the last year, but what about after r...

    Behaviour June 28, 2021
  • What do we want? (Human) rights around AI!

    Recently tabled in the federal parliament, a new human rights report into technology urges cautio...

    The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has called for the appointment of an artificial intelligence safety com...

    Behaviour June 25, 2021
  • Magazine

    Mind readers

    What if Star Trek-style mind melding was more than a science fiction concept?

    by Paul Biegler Brain-to-brain interface is a challenge right on the limit of our understanding of neuroscience bu...

    Behaviour June 7, 2021
  • Who benefits from a little white lie?

    Brain scans reveal when selfish motivations are behind a white lie.

    Telling a friend that their new mullet looks fantastic might seem like a generous move, but according to Korean resea...

    Behaviour June 1, 2021
  • Video platforms normalise exotic pets

    Sharing ‘cute’ videos of exotic animals can end up being harmful to their protection

    By Kelly Brown Researchers at the University of Adelaide are concerned video sharing platforms such as YouTube cou...

    Animals May 31, 2021
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