A dating site for unloved algorithms


Rachel Metz at MIT Technology Review has a story about a "dating site" where algorithms can go to find their perfect soulmate in the business community.

Algorithmia puts together businesses with piles of data that are looking for researchers with algorithms that can help them make sense of it. Co-founder Diego Oppenheimer explains how it works:

The aim is to make better use of the many algorithms that are developed in academia but then languish after being published in research papers.

Oppenheimer and cofounder Kenny Daniel, a former graduate student at USC who studied artificial intelligence, began working on the site full time late last year and this month raised $2.4 million in seed funding.

Oppenheimer tells Metz that some of the algorithms currently available could be used for machine learning, extracting meaning from text, and planning routes within things like maps and video games. So far businesses have found algorithms to do jobs such as extracting data from receipts so they can be automatically categorised.

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