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More than 500 million years of evolution across the continent has come alive through the artwork of Australian palaeo artist Peter Schouten.

The artwork is the main feature of CSIRO Publishing’s new book, Prehistoric Australasia: Visions of Evolution and Extinction.

One Australian-based Cosmos reader can win a copy of the book. To win, enter the competition below by sending us your idea for the name of the next dinosaur discovered.

Schouten spoke to Cosmos journalist Evrim Yazgin about the process involved in taking fossils, and the latest palaeontological research, and reconstructing animals which lived thousands or millions of years ago.

From the bizarre creatures that populated Earth’s primordial oceans to the giants that roamed the region during the time of the dinosaurs and Australia’s famous megafauna, Schouten’s paintings presented in the book provide slices of time in the ancient history of the Australasian continent.

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