Research ship takes on some heavy seas

Some days at the office as a marine scientists can be a bit gruelling. This is our former research vessel Southern Surveyor making its way through some pretty nasty weather. Hold onto your stomach!

Transcript available:

Australian science agency CSIRO has posted some footage of its former research vessel, the EV Southern Surveyor ploughing through heavy seas. A book has just been published which looks back on the exciting history of the ship and the scientists and crew who worked and lived on board. We review it here while the author, Michael Veitch, shares some of his favourite stories about the Southern Surveyor. 

The CSIRO now has a new research vessel, the RV Investigator. Unlike the Southern Surveyor, which started life as a trawler in the North Sea, the Investigator was purpose built for scientific research. The CSIRO discusses how scientists can get a berth for their projects. See How can I get on board RV Investigator?.

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