• Disease-resistant genes key to safeguard crops

    Technique will use wild plants to bolster resistance in crops.

    Corn, rice, wheat, potato, soybean: these are some of the so-called staple crops, providing the bulk of our calories....

    Agriculture February 4, 2019
  • Biochar boffins for Australian tour

    Agricultural science to be the focus of presentations.

    The first ever Australia New Zealand Biochar Study Tour will visit several cities across South Australia and Victoria...

    Agriculture November 14, 2018
  • Beerpocalypse shows climate change is real

    Barley will be hard hit, resulting in shortages and hyper-prices.

    Quenching your thirst with an icy cold beer during a heatwave is likely to become more difficult – and expensive, res...

    Agriculture October 15, 2018
  • Will our crop seeds cope with a warming world?

    Molecular biology and seedbank holds key to future production.

    How do you find seeds that will thrive in the climate of the future? Robert Sharwood doesn’t have a time machine, but...

    Agriculture October 11, 2018
  • Conversation

    Smarter living for farmers

    Ways to cut losses from predation do more harm than good.

    Farmers have struggled for millennia to protect their livestock from wolves, lions, bears, and other large carnivores...

    Features October 7, 2018
  • Better wine through chemistry

    Taking to the molecular level to make better wine.

    Every time you open a bottle of sparkling wine, you are uncorking a bit of mystery. There is still a lot we don’t kno...

    Agriculture October 4, 2018
  • Gene-tinkering improves maize yield

    Tweaking photosynthesis promises more robust crops.

    Australian and US scientists have found a way to increase maize productivity by targeting the enzyme behind photosynt...

    Agriculture October 2, 2018
  • Bushland and farmland don't always mix

    Relying on natural habitat for pest control doesn't always work.

    Despite an analysis of the largest dataset of its kind, a simple landscape model for accurate pest control prediction...

    Agriculture August 1, 2018
  • Agriculture arose from surplus, not hunger

    Modelling finds common cause for domestication.

    Modelling historical population densities around the globe between 21,000 and 4000 years ago explains the origins of ...

    Agriculture June 5, 2018
  • Mutant maize

    Tweaking stem cell production may be a path to greater yields.

    The image above shows a tiny, immature ear of maize. It’s no ordinary maize, however: the irregular shape of the tip ...

    Agriculture March 29, 2018
  • Sweeter maize

    A gene from rice can make maize produce more sugar.

    The maize shown above has had a gene from rice added to its genome that regulates the accumulation of sucrose in kern...

    Agriculture February 8, 2018
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