Raising Heretics: kids can change the world

If children are the future, then how we teach them will shape that world. But are we, as parents and teachers, raising them in the right way? As STEM skills increasingly become necessary in shaping society, a data-driven approach to education may be the only way for the future generation to change the world. Cosmos … Continue reading Raising Heretics: kids can change the world

Nature is for everyone

The outdoors has something for everyone, but is nature accessible to all? This panel explores the diverse value of nature, some of the barriers South Australians experience in accessing it, and showcases programs that are working to make it easier for everyone to connect to nature. Cosmos presents this recording from South Australia’s Nature Festival … Continue reading Nature is for everyone

Feeling twitchy? Get ready for the Aussie Backyard Bird Count

On Monday 18 October, the 2021 Aussie Backyard Bird Count begins! This annual outbreak of citizen bird-geekery involves observing and counting the birds that live near you – whether that’s in a backyard, local park, or even a town-centre green space. Participants record observations within a 20-minute period, and the data goes to BirdLife Australia, … Continue reading Feeling twitchy? Get ready for the Aussie Backyard Bird Count

The Hydrogen solution

Recent news about state hydrogen stategies brings this potential fuel solution back into the foreground. But what is hydrogen and why does it matter? Hydrogen is set to accelerate as a fuel source over the next decade, but we need to watch where it’s used, according to a Cosmos Briefing on the 11th of March … Continue reading The Hydrogen solution

Mapping the southern skies

In 2022, the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder Telescope in WA will embark on a massive project to map the southern skies in radio waves. This survey, the Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU), will help us understand how the first stars and galaxies formed and evolved. Cosmos spoke to Dr Michael Cowley, an astrophysicist … Continue reading Mapping the southern skies

The politics of nature

These days, everything feels like a partisan issue, be it immigration, national security, renewable energy or even lockdowns. More and more decision making seems to feel like a political football, even if it doesn’t make sense. Despite its history, a basic concern for the environment seems to have been caught in this trend and in … Continue reading The politics of nature

Cities of the future

How does where you live affect your health? Those of us who live in cities probably don’t notice the thought – or lack of thought – that has gone into city planning, but a growing body of research is paying close attention, striving to make cities healthier and more sustainable. This is a particularly urgent … Continue reading Cities of the future

Cosmos Briefing: the Semiconductor Shortage

Global semiconductor industry sales were $439.0 billion in 2020. China has called chip independence a top national priority in its latest five-year plan, while U.S. President Joe Biden has vowed to build a secure American supply chain by reviving domestic manufacturing. Even the European Union is mulling measures to make its own chips. Given our … Continue reading Cosmos Briefing: the Semiconductor Shortage

Life-saving portable X-ray machines

Can a CT scanner fit onto an ambulance? Why would you even want to do it? Portable X-Ray machines are not only more comfortable for patients, they can save crucial minutes to get to treatment. This is particularly the case with stroke victims, for whom the first few hours of treatment will make a difference … Continue reading Life-saving portable X-ray machines

Courage has a quiet voice: The women who won’t give up on educating Afghanistan

Since the Taliban entered Kabul several weeks ago, effectively re-taking Afghanistan, there’s been growing concern about the effect this will have on education, especially for women and girls. But education has been an ongoing struggle for Afghanistan over the past four decades. In the regional areas of the country, schools lack basic resources from blackboards … Continue reading Courage has a quiet voice: The women who won’t give up on educating Afghanistan

How to write a letter to your vaccine hesitant friends

We all know somebody who has concerns about vaccines. How do you address them? YOUR COVID TOOLBOX is five-part series where Cosmos editor-at-large Elizabeth Finkel hunts down all the facts and figures you need to understand COVID-19 vaccines. Cosmos spoke to Finkel why she wrote a letter to her friends and what she has learned … Continue reading How to write a letter to your vaccine hesitant friends

How can we achieve food security in the Asia-Pacific region?

Australia, the land girt by sea, may seem like an isolated country, but is part of a wider ecosystem in the Asian-Pacific – especially when it comes to food. As food scarcity threatens, is food security a problem we need to tackle as a collective? What is Australia’s role in achieving food security in the … Continue reading How can we achieve food security in the Asia-Pacific region?