Andrew Archer

Andrew Archer, Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Andrew’s been working as an illustrator since 2006. Before that he studied graphic design and worked in the industry for a few years only to realize 80 percent of his "design" was actually illustration.

He grew up with pens and paint but then the personal computer dominated the world and so he had to try it out, which is reflected in his work. Using a healthy mix of both traditional and digital techniques, Andrew has no real preference of medium. He didn’t study art through his younger years, but did eat crayons, which quite possibly is where his off-beat colour palettes originate.

Andrew’s greatly inspired by surrealism, juxtapositions and sublime narratives but more specifically wood block prints, edo period art, cartoons, ideograms, characterization, travel and Asia. Andrew’s worked within a range of super cool mediums including editorials, advertising, web, moving picture, storyboards and more and continue to do so. He also had the opportunity to work with a whole load of lovely people who continue to inspire and support what he does.