Kate Ravilious

Kate Ravilious

Kate Ravilious is a freelance science journalist, based in York, UK.

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Kate Ravilious is an award-winning independent science journalist, based in York, UK. She writes about the latest discoveries in the scientific world and has a particular passion for earth sciences and archaeology. Her work is published in magazines and newspapers and on websites including, New ScientistThe Guardian,The Daily Telegraph, The IndependentBBC Focus magazineNational Geographic daily news, Archaeology and Environmental Research Web.

Kate started out as a geologist, but after slicing up thousands of rocks for her PhD she realised that she was too impatient to be a scientist, and better suited to being nosy about other people’s research. In 2000 she won The Daily Telegraph/BASF Young Science Writer of the Year and was runner up in the New Scientist/Wellcome Trust Millennial Science Essay Competition.

Since then she has been writing features and news stories about topics ranging from beetles that harvest raindrops to aggressive drivers that cause traffic jams. In addition Kate provides media and writing skills courses to scientists.

At home Kate is mother to two young children, Beth and Kester, and she blogs about parenting science.

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