Scared scientists air their climate fears

Sarah Perkins, an extreme weather researcher at the University of New South Wales, says that she is afraid that by the time we realise we need to make changes and start to put these changes in place, it might not be enough to balance out the range of catastrophes we will be facing.
Nick Bowers

Australian photographer Nick Bowers has recorded the fear leading scientists feel for the future as climate change changes the way we live in Scared Scientists, a project that combines portraiture and a call to action.

Bowers used university directories and webpages like the Climate Council to track down the top minds in the fields of biology, ecology, oceanography, earth science, and weather research.

Each sat for their portrait and explained their predictions and deepest fears for the state of our planet.

Bowers work is austere, and manages to get across the anxiety that the scientists' research has given rise to.

Shauna Murray, Biologist, University of Technology Sydney, University of Tokyo, University of New South Wales. Her greatest fear is reaching four degrees of warming.
Nick Bowers

Tim Flannery, a mammalogist, palaeontologist at the University of New South Wales, Monash University and La Trobe University fears the disruption of human civilisation.
Nick Bowers

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