How we could create a low or no carbon future


The University of New South Wales is hosting a seminar that looks at how we might create a low or no-carbon future.

The seminar aims at sharing new information and insights into the latest thinking on how to reduce our carbon footprint dramatically.

The seminar will be presented by former New South Wales sustainability commissioner Professor Peter Newman who will also launch a new book – Rethink Building Materials – at the UNSW on Friday, 19 September at noon.

Professor Newman oversees 80 PhD scientists in his group at Curtin University in Perth, conducting national research on ways to reduce unnecessary fossil fuel use through the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL).

Rethink Building Materials, edited by Dick Clarke the Founding Director of Envirotecture, looks at a various aspects regarding materials and sustainability in the building industry.

The book has contributions from Australia's leading designers, architects, academics and scientists. The CRCLCLs Chief Executive Officer Deo Prasad also played a key role in the book’s development.

Professor Newman has been involved in low carbon research and community, industry and government action for more than 30 years.

“At the seminar I will also report on projects that show how technology and the marketplace are irrevocably moving away from fossil fuels and that the process has strong community support, despite some government signals and actions designed to slow or stop this momentum,” he said.

The CRCLCL is a national research and innovation hub that seeks to enable a globally competitive low carbon built environment sector.

It brings together property, planning, engineering and policy organisations with leading Australian researchers. CRCLCL develops new social, technological and policy tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.

For further information go to or email Danielle Del Pizzo at the UNSW.

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