The agricultural challenge of feeding 9 billion people

Last week Cosmos editor-in-chief Elizabeth Finkel spoke at the Crawford fund’s annual conference on international agriculture. Finkel returns to a theme she has often addressed in the past – the war on modern agriculture. Her position is, as always, unambiguous:

And that is that the attack on modern agriculture does not at all serve the public or the planet or farmers. Though the various opponents fly the kites of sustainability, protecting the environment, and helping poor farmers, their stance seems to put them at odds with those causes.

You can access a copy of her speech on the Crawford Fund website here (PDF).

Cosmos published a special edition on the Food Wars to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution that helped countries such as India and Mexico avoid decades of misery and famine. But recent events suggest much of the developed world is turning against a belief in scientific methods of agriculture, such as the call by some environmentalists to abolish the post of Europe's Chief Scientific Officer.

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