Hermit crab takes anemone guards when it moves house

Without their stinging protectors, the crustaceans are vulnerable to attack from predators. So when they shift shells, they bring their bodyguards along. 

They’re hermit by name, but not entirely by nature. Hermit crabs have a mutually beneficial relationship with anemones who hitch a ride on the crab’s shell.

With their stinging tentacles, anemones shield hermit crabs from octopuses, while also eating the crumbs left behind from hermit crab meals.

When the hermit crab grows and its snail shell property is no longer so roomy, it moves to another shell, peeling the anemones away with it.

The video below follows a hermit crab as it transfers shells. It captures fascinating footage of the crab gently pulling the anemones away from the first shell, and coaxing it into attaching to the next.

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