Every day in hospital adds to risk of serious infection

If you have to stay in hospital, make it for as short a time as possible.

Each day in the hospital raises your risk of multidrug-resistant infection, according to research released today.

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina analysed historical data from 949 documented cases of Gram-negative infection at their academic medical centre.

That showed that in the first few days of hospitalisation your chance of of a multidrug-resistant infection about 20% which rises until four or five days, then jumps dramatically, peaking at over 35% at 10 days.

After that there is an additional 1% risk each day you are in hospital.

Our findings emphasize one of the risks of being in the hospital, acquiring a multidrug-resistant infection," says John Bosso, an author of the paper. "At the very least, this observation argues against both unnecessary hospitalisation and unnecessarily long hospitalisation."

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