Dr Livingstone's beetles I presume...

The Natural History Museum in London

The Natural History Museum in London has unearthed a collection of beetles gathered by Scottish explorer Dr David Livingstone during his Zambezi expedition of 1858–64.

It's surely a testament to the wealth of treasures the museum has if it can simply forget it has a collection like this. Thanks goodness they found it – but it was only by accident.

Beetle curator Max Barclay stumbled on an unusual box received from a private collector during a routine check of the collections. The box contained 20 pinned beetles with labels inscribed with the name "Dr Livingstone".

it turns out the specimens were donated to the museum by a lawyer and amateur entomologist Edward Young Western who may have bought the specimens from a member of the expedition.

The discovery comes exactly 150 years after Livingstone's expedition along the Zambezi River, on which he discovered Lake Malawi.

The specimens will be on show for one night only at the Natural History Museum Science Uncovered event on 26 September 2014 in their original box.

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