Climate fight in the theatre

The Australian Theatre for Young People and Auckland Theatre Company’s presentation of Kim Chapman’s show The Resistance, explores what happens when young activists and the climate fight are thrown into the national spotlight.

The narrative revolves around a big protest rally.

Actor Lakesha Grant’s character, Bundilla, or “young” in Larrakia language, her dad’s people, is the communications director of the “Youth Justice Climate Movement.”

It’s also the name of her great-grandmother and a nod to something much bigger.

“The story is [about] trying to get the Prime Minister to sign the Athens climate agreement to basically save the world,” Grant says.

“I think for Bundilla, it’s a lot deeper than climate change. It’s about caring for country, caring for Indigenous land… it’s a lot deeper for her than it is for the other characters. It’s not just about politics.

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“It’s Indigenous people and that connection to the land. So you’re really listening to us First People.

“I’m very much deeply connected to this character. These are conversations we have every day as First Nations people.”

The Resistance is Grant’s biggest role to date, after moving to Sydney from Darwin four years ago at 18.

She says her community and elders have always backed her to follow her dreams.

With a storyline centred around young activists, Ms Grant said it speaks to the responsibility and action of new generations.

“Older people can connect to it and understand that it’s us young mob, we’re the future.

“We have to take over now. It’s our time to be the voice”.

The Resistance is showing at the Rebel Theatre in Sydney.

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