About Us

About Us

Cosmos is a quarterly science magazine. We aim to inspire curiosity in 'The Science of Everything' and make the world of science accessible to everyone.

At Cosmos, we deliver the latest in science with beautiful pictures, clear explanations of the latest discoveries and breakthroughs and great writing.

Winner of 47 awards for high-quality journalism and design, Cosmos is a print magazine, online digital edition updated daily, a daily and weekly e-Newsletter and educational resource with custom, curriculum-mapped lessons for years 7 to 10.

Cosmos Magazine

Cosmos is a quarterly print magazine. Our four editions each year cover the best of global science. Cosmos is produced by The Royal Institution of Australia Inc (RiAus), a science communications organisation based in Adelaide, Australia.

Cosmos online

Our editorial team, along with outside contributors, collaborate to investigate the latest science news, discoveries, developments, events and more. We cover daily science news on our website, along with long features, multi-media and our print magazine content. For full access become a subscriber here.

Stile Education

Our friends at Stile Education work in collaboration with Cosmos to deliver science lessons to high schools around the world. Lessons bring the relevance of science to students because they are based on stories recently published in Cosmos magazine. Lessons are developed with teachers to be interactive and mapped to the Australian Curriculum and United States Next Generation Science Standards for year 7-10 students. These grab and go lessons bring the wonders of the latest science to your classroom. Learn more about Stile Education here.