Issue 52: Decode your brain

COSMOS has a new team and a new look, but continues to make the world of science accessible to everyone with beautiful pictures, clear explanations of the latest developments and discoveries and great writing. Our new Digest section picks the biggest recent scientific discoveries and explains what they mean and how they affect our lives. COSMOS explains the science behind climate change and tells readers what is important and what is not among the thousands of reports. Some scientists think chocolate can reduce blood pressure. COSMOS tells the story of chocolate and explains the research into its health benefits. If a $1 billion project to unlock the secrets of the brain is successful we may be able to cure depression and schizophrenia and build robots that can think like humans. COSMOS explains how. :

Inside this issue


Nothing to kill or die for
The world is not a hellhole of escalating violence – you are living in the most peaceful era in our species’ existence, says Steven Pinker.

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Greetings! This is your new captain speaking. (Oh dear, I can hear those around me sigh: "Ella's off on another one of her nautical metaphors...").


Reader's letters; "Where in the COSMOS?" winners.


Holodeck: Mapping the human brain- from scans of the whole oran to the flicker of single neurons, take a tour of the dazzling images helping to reveal how the brain works


HELIX IN OBSIDIAN Crossgen orphans were the only ones able to survive and work out in Europa's freezing oceans, an environment which filtered but didn't fully block out Jupiter's radiation.


News, views, brain food, facts and trivia.


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