Issue 50: 2063 The Future

What does the future hold? In this special 50th issue of COSMOS, Australia's #1 science magazine, we ask leading scientists to imagine the world 50 years from now. Radical changes in population, climate and food supply are certain by 2063; but equally certain are paradigm-shifting breakthroughs that will transform health, energy, the environment and food technology. Glimpse the future in this feature-packed issue of COSMOS:

Inside this issue


In conversation with C.J. Cherryh
COSMOS talks to science-fiction author C.J. Cherryh about the genre and how she writes it.
Harder, faster, longer...
Can we continue to push for more power to fuel our lavish Western lifestyles as the population explodes? Or is the grass greener on the other side? Richard A. Lovett finds out.
Another day in paradise
Can we predict the future? Climate scientists say we can, and have been warning us about it for decades, says Stephen Pincock.
Fields of plenty
It’s 2063, and life is good. Technology has given Indian farmer Prabhjit Kumar the tools and seeds she needs to feed her family. But can the dream of sustainably feeding the world’s nine billion other mouths be fulfilled?
Visions of hope
Over the next 50 years, humanity will experience change at an unprecedented pace. What lies ahead? And can science save us from catastrophe during what Sir Martin Rees has dubbed ‘our final century’?

Regular sections


Reconciling parenthood with global warming ain't easy, says editor-in-chief Wilson da Silva.


Reader's letters; "Where in the COSMOS?" winners.


MICROCOSM It's a world we never see, yet it surrounds us every day - under our feet, in our gardens, even on our bodies. Through the magnifying lens of microscope photography, the domain of the diminutive is brought to life in these award-winning images from the Olympus Bioscapes Imaging Competition.


PRIMAL OCEAN "I have made it my goal to find Earth's last pockets of 'primal' ocean, those underwater havens that have remained unspoiled for eons. In this lagoon we had found such a place." Gregory S Stone takes us to the wilderness of the remote Phoenix Islands.


NOCTURNE A column of smoke rose in the south-east quarter, where rebels made a bonfire of captured soldiers' bones. original fiction by Claire McKenna.


In a special sci-fi themed section, COSMOS talks to author C.J. Cherryh about the genre and her writing. Australian sci-fi writers discuss the books that inspired them. Plus, we review books, games and other media related to the genre, and reveal what we've been talking about at COSMOS.


CRISIS OF IDENTITY The study of ancient humans, riven with animosities, is at a crossroads: it must either reform itself or die a scientific death, says Darren Curnoe.


News, views, brain food, facts and trivia.


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